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The siamese fighting fish (betta splendens), also sometimes colloquially known as the Betta, is a species in the gourami family which is popular as an aquarium fish. They are called pla-kad (biting fish) in Thai or trey krem in Khmer. They are a highly aggressive fish and it is unwise to house two males together – and even the females may kill each other. They can do well with calm, dully-colored bottom-dwelling species such as corydoras catfish. Steer clear of other popular freshwater tankmates such as African dwarf or clawed frogs, as they have poor eyesight and can mistake the betta’s flowing tail for a worm or other prey; even small tetras will nip if not kept in a large enough school.

If you would like to keep your betta fish happy and healthy, keep their water clean
as no one likes living in dirty surroundings. To know if you are doing a good care
at upholding their habitat, take a look at it. Its presence and nature will tell
you how it is feeling. If your betta fish is colorful, active and very keen
it what’s going on around it you’re doing good. However, if it is inactive and has frayed
fins that is a red flag that something is wrong with his habitat. So be a good owner and keep a betta fish bowl clean, warm and well-kept so it can live on to be a happy healthy fish.

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– And more

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